Our Vision

If you know someone’s story, you know their heart. When you know someone’s heart, it is more difficult to hate. The ARTS are the tools through which we share stories and embrace our creative humanity. We envision a world that moves forward by listening and learning with one another.

Our Mission

We empower communities of all types to share their voices and stories with the world in order discuss problems, develop solutions, and encourage social change. We use the arts as a tool to bring communities together. We model and establish collaborative communities bringing diverse groups together to open the channels of communication and problem solve through the arts.

What We Do

Our programs focus on the needs of the communities involved. Within each program there may be a specific focus—sometimes it is the process, sometimes it is a theme, sometimes it is a performance or showing.  Sometimes it is a magical mixture of everything! We will work with you to define your needs and devise a method of meeting those needs, including identifying resources in your community to sustain your work.